Makeup rehab

Hi, my name is Mirkka and I’m a makeup addict. The time has come to face the music and admit that I have a problem. Now, compared to a lot of other makeup junkies out there my collection is still a fairly manageable size. But it’s just too much for one person at once. Do you know how long it takes to finish an eyeshadow?!
Also, the problem really isn’t the size of my collection as much as it is my need to shop for makeup.

You see, I use it as an emotional crutch. Work is a little stressful? A little lipstick shopping will fix that. Feeling anxious? Let’s browse the internet! Happy? Sad? Just plain bored? LET’S BUY SOME MAKEUP. But I end up with products I don’t need, I’ve spent money that could be put into savings, and I still haven’t confronted the real issue I’m avoiding by buying more stuff.


Since I’ve spent the last year and a half splitting my time between the US and Finland, most of my collection has been in storage. Which, of course, meant that I was buying more stuff because at the moment I needed my pink blush, I couldn’t get to it. Perfect excuse to get some more!

I’m also a sucker for sales. It’s as if I need to buy all the makeup because the world is about to run out of it and I am never going to be able to get any more, at least not at that price! It doesn’t matter that I already own a gajillion brown eyeshadows, must get this one because it’s on SALE.

Before I embarked on my transatlantic living situation a couple of years ago, my emotional shopping also extended to clothes and shoes. But I read my KonMari, purged my closets and learned to live out of a suitcase - and honestly, I feel so much better. But for some reason, that mindset hasn’t translated to my cosmetics. I couldn’t bear the thought of de-cluttering my makeup like Marie Kondo suggests because THEY ALL BRING ME SO MUCH JOY! I’ve done okay shopping-wise, probably because I just couldn’t be bothered to lug everything around with me in my suitcases. But I’m now settled in Finland for a longer period, and as soon as I realized that having to fit everything into a suitcase wasn’t a concern for a while, I went shopping. I didn’t buy massive amounts, but enough to recognise the old pattern I was falling into. And, honestly, I have too much already.

So, inspired by the fabulous Hannah Louise Poston and her no-buy year, I’m not going to be buying makeup for the rest of 2019. I’m also setting myself some ground rules:

1) I will use up what I have (hello, #panningproject2019!)
2) I can purchase a replacement (just one!) if I run out of something in a category (say, mascara, or skincare - I don’t have a massive collection of that)
3) I am allowed to receive cosmetics as presents
4) I am absolutely, under no circumstances, allowed to buy more makeup if I have it in my collection or if I can substitute what I’m missing with something I have.

This means that I will probably buy skincare items this year, and possibly foundation, but I’m good in all other categories. I will probably run out of eyeshadow and lipstick somewhere around the year 2068.
I’m going to blog intermittently about my progress and probably do a couple of empties-posts here and there, if you’re interested? You guys have to hold me accountable!

If you’re struggling with the same addiction, join me in my no-buy- or start out with a low-buy! I highly recommend checking out Hannah’s Youtube-channel, and also the Makeup Rehab-thread on Reddit for emotional support.