The spring menu

Asparagus with pecorino.jpg

Spring is finally here! Even here in the north, the weather is finally turning warm, the days are long and the sun is out in full. For me, the appearance of asparagus at my local grocery store always promises the arrival of spring. And, by default, the promise of summer!

I pick up a bunch every time I go to the store and could eat it all day every day. I add it to salads, it is my staple side dish for virtually everything, and it is so quick and easy to cook.
My favorite springtime lunch or dinner, though, is salmon and asparagus, sprinkled with a little pecorino cheese.
Just feast you eyes on these beauties.

Asparagus with salmon and vine tomatoes.jpg

You could cook the salmon on the frying pan, but I just throw mine in the oven while I use the frying pan for the asparagus. I'm lazy that way. Depending on my mood, I either pan fry them, or just throw some boiling water in there and cook them with lots of butter. They're ready in minutes.
Simple, quick, healthy.  And delicious!

A sprinkling of pecorino cheese is always a good idea (because who doesn't love cheese?), but I also use lemon salt crystals for an added twist! You can find Falksalt Natural Citron Sea Salt on Amazon.

Lemon salt.jpg

What's your favorite springtime dish? Are you as obsessed with asparagus as I am?