Welcome to ScandiTwist!


Hi guys! 

I'm so excited to share my little corner of the interwebs with you. If you are inspired by food, style, beauty, decorating, or just life itself, I'm sure you'll feel right at home here! I bring a little twist of my Nordic roots (Yay, Finland!)  to everything, hence the name. This blog won't be all about all things Scandinavian, though. Hopefully it will just bring that little twist of scandi to your day.  Because everybody needs a little twist in their life, am I right?!

Read on below for my thoughts on some of the things I'm looking forward to writing about and sharing.

Food: Simple, fresh, healthy recipes. I get excited about food, and upset about wasting it. Clever ways to utilize leftovers? Count me in! Like this clever way of making a snack with asparagus trimmings.

Home: Settling into a life between two continents (for the time being) means de-cluttering, organizing, and streamlining. I wouldn’t call myself a minimalist, but want to find a balance with with having stuff and living the good life with less of it.

Style: The concept of the capsule wardrobe intrigues me but I have yet to take the plunge. Maybe I'll try the 10x10 Challenge? Curating my collection is a top priority with all the traveling I do.

Beauty: Make-up makes me happy. The philosophy of living with less has not yet reached this category. I am on a no-buy, but still want to share my favourite products and maybe introduce you to some awesome Nordic beauty brands.

So grab a Napue gin & tonic or a cup of coffee, and make yourself at home! Let’s put a little twist in our day. 🖤