Monday mood

It is a rare Monday when I am all smiles at the end of the day. Or the beginning of the day, for that matter. Yesterday was one of those oddball October days, when the temp was a balmy 67F, the sun was out, and it just didn’t feel like your typical Monday.

Fall leaves.jpg

I took a stroll in a park to enjoy the day. I’ve now been in Illinois a week, and am just now getting over the jet-lag induced sluggishness and just a more normal sleeping pattern in general. It felt good to feel the sun on my face and breathe in some fresh air - and I think this little track around the lake is going to be my favourite running spot in the next few weeks before the cold weather sets in and I’m forced to stay inside.

Park bridge.jpg

We currently live in the downtown area of our small town, and one of the perks is a neighbourhood thrift store just a few doors down from ours where I love to browse.
Our apartment is in an old remodelled building dating back to the early 1900’s that used to be a hotel. It has the original hardwood floors and it’s kept some of its character even though it was obviously stripped to the bone to put the new units in. But in keeping with the theme, I try to find vintage-y pieces to mix in with our new decor to keep that vibe.

So yesterday, as I was browsing my thrift store, I came across this old trunk.


I thought maybe as a table in front of the couch, if I can find some legs for it? Or just an end table in one of the bedrooms? I love the stickers, too.


The BF grudgingly approved, so I’m thinking I may go back today to take a closer look and maybe grab it.

I also fell in love with these chairs, but unfortunately we don’t really have room for these right now.

Wooden chairs.jpg

We ended the day with a nice chicken & goat cheese skillet for dinner.
All in all, a good good Monday! How’s you week going so far?