Muted tones

Hi there! I know, I know- it’s been a while since my last post. And just when I was getting this blog up and running, too! I’m so sorry.
I spent the summer in Helsinki working, and enjoying an unprecedented heatwave. I’m now back in Illinois and happily settling into decorating our place and making it a home before I have to go back to Finland in three months. The good news is I’ll have plenty of time to dedicate to the blog - and trying out my new camera!

Anyway, while I was packing up my clothes to bring with me, I suddenly realized my wardrobe was looking a little…monochromatic, shall we say.


The only speck of color on show here is sportswear. I mean… sigh.

The concept of the capsule wardrobe has intrigued me for a while, but I’ve been finding it hard to take the plunge and really commit to it. Partly because my wardrobe is spread between two continents, but also because I’ve been a little uninspired by fashion lately.
If my color choices are anything to go by, I’ve definitely internalised the capsule wardrobe ethos of curating a collection of clothes that work together. But is this truly my style? I’ve always been a neutrals person, but surely this monochromatic look of just white, black, and grey is taking it a step too far?

The minimalist in me loves this look, but my fashionista side is aching for a pop of color.

Monochromatic shirts.jpg

So, really the challenge is this. I have enough clothes. I do not need more clothes. But I am also tempted to inject some color into my wardrobe while curating it down to something at least resembling a capsule wardrobe. So before I give myself permission to go on a shopping spree I thought I’d begin by taking a hard look at the things I own and making sure the items I own truly are multifunctional.

Perhaps a series of posts on how to style one item five different ways? That would challenge me to get out of my style rut and get inspired again.

Muted tones.jpg

On a side note - as much as I love warm weather and detest winter, I can’t wait to wear these cashmere sweaters again! I got mine at Zara, but COS does awesome ones and Uniqlo usually has affordable ones as well.

I think I’ll spend the weekend going through my closet; stay tuned to find out what happens!
Have a great day, friends.